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The process of editing can be challenging

- that's where we come in!

Our Services



Our developmental editing service provides you with a thorough, in-depth edit of your manuscript. We will examine all elements of your writing, from single words and the tone to the overall structure and style. It will address issues that may be in plot, characterisation and all other existing material. The process will also consider your manuscript’s target audience and will consider the industry standards and expectations it enters. 

Developmental editing can have a significant impact on your work whether you are an experienced or inexperienced writer. Feedback and editing can be a great help in increasing its standard, taking it from draft to publishing stage. 

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What’s involved?

An editor will review your manuscript. After deliberate and extensive reading, digesting and absorbing, they will tell you how to improve it. 

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What do you get?

Depending on your manuscript, you will get detailed editorial feedback of your work, including suggestions and techniques to help you address any problems raised.

Copyediting &


Through our process of copyediting, we will help make the most readable version of your manuscript. Correcting errors such as spelling mistakes and grammar, to hidden inconsistencies and typos. We go line-by-line and focus on detail and readability all the while, maintaining your style and tone. 

The service is separated into three areas, giving you the option to choose the one best suited for your needs. 


A detailed form of copyediting which includes vigilant attention to sentence structures, clarity of meaning and rhythms.



Watchful of typos, spellings, punctuation and grammatical errors, but extends into consistency, fact-checking and sentence clarity if required.



Not as in-depth as copy or line editing. Proofreading deals largely with typos, spellings and punctuation errors.

Editorial Assessment

The Editorial Assessment service is a comprehensive reading of your manuscript. Thoughtful, in-depth feedback will be given concerning different elements of your manuscript in a report. The report will also highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript. 

This service includes an hour-long brainstorm session with an editor, face-to-face or over skype, to help you devise a revision strategy that dramatically improves the execution of your idea.

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What’s involved?

An editor will read your manuscript, write a report and consider action points.

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What do you get?

Depending on your manuscript, you will receive feedback in the form of a report and a one-on-one session with an experienced editor to brainstorm. 



We will check your academic language, spelling, grammar and help you with referencing.

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